Hello and Welcome

Thank you for subscribing to my Newsletter and for being interested in my work. Speaking of which, what am I currently doing? 

Well, Shadow Farmer is unsurprisingly my priority for 2022 and is storming along. It’s an engrossing story about a sophisticated cyber attack on a leading prescriptive agriculture company that forces a reclusive cryptographer to collaborate with an ambitious government official to prevent a catastrophic global food crisis. While I penned the first version back in 2018, the story has matured magnificently and I am very excited about closing in on releasing it and its heroine into the world. 

Fortunately, Shadow Farmer is now also at the stage where I can also spare some thinking time for my next major project – Sovereign’s Parade – which is a historical military yarn based upon a true story. 

As you can see, I’m quite busy! So please forgive me if I don’t communicate my updates regularly. But you will always be the first to know when I have substantial and exciting news to share. 

All the best,

Imogen 😎