Shadow Farmer – the forthcoming novel by Imogen Mann. 

Storytelling comes naturally to all of us and yet writing fiction is hard. Partly because of this disconnect, I had never considered doing it before. For decades I’d been writing and editing serious fact based stuff – documents, articles, opinions, etc and I was comfortable doing that. The words flowed when needed. But then, one day in 2017 as I trudged around the farm, an idea popped into my head. It wouldn’t go away and started growing until it could only come out one way. Shadow Farmer was born, and it unlocked a compulsion to write more fiction!Imogen

So what’s it all about? 

When I first started writing Shadow Farmer, I called it The Unseen Farmer because for several years my focus had been on making our farm enterprise more efficient. The effects of the evolving roles of technology and artificial intelligence on farming practices fascinated me, especially in a world struggling with population growth and climate change. But as I’ve developed the story beyond these roots, other forces have emerged and so the subtle name change became appropriate. 

At its core, the story feeds off the unsustainable demand forced upon one of our most precious resource – the land on which we grow the bulk of our food. 

Yes, farming is becoming smarter. But is it getting too smart for our own good? 

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