Let Me Introduce You To A Woman Named Cora

Cora Griffin popped into my head fully formed five years ago. She took up residence and gradually, over time, opened the door to her world. 

And my, what a world it is. Far removed from my own, yet teasingly, and occasionally relatable, familiar. In time, I’m sure you’ll come to feel the same way. 

I am merely Cora’s scribe. 

Her voice shapes my hand. And her voice reminds me not to reveal too much of her story. At least, not yet… 

So with that in mind, I asked her how she would introduce herself and this is what she said. 


Thank you for the opportunity Imogen, much appreciated. 

Well, to start with, my professional name is Dr Cora Griffin and I am a cryptographer. As you can probably imagine, encrypted data is my thing. And I’m really good at it. 

Many years ago, or back along as we say where I’m from, I founded a predictive agriculture company called QuanDat. You probably haven’t heard of it – we’re very niche. 

Anyway, at QuanDat we use multiple data sources, proprietary artificial intelligence, deep machine learning and more to prescribe targeted crop management activities. It’s quite a complicated process. But, ah, well, we’re really good at it. 

Oh and, it’s the combinable crops, that’s wheat, barley, rapeseed and so forth, the really important ones, that are our thing. 

Hmm. What else can I say? 

Ah, okay… 

In rare free moments, I enjoy working on a couple of my research projects. These are personal projects, but I can say that they do explore the intersection of AI and autonomous flight. 

There you have it. My broad bio. Back to you Imogen. 


Thank you Cora. 

As you’ve probably gathered, Cora is quite the private person. Frustratingly so at times. You probably get that too. 

She doesn’t wear her heart on her sleeve and we were quite a few interviews in before she finally started opening up to me. 

Ultimately, I’m grateful for the trust. 

But that said, the professional woman, the scientist, the flight aficionado rocked up fully formed. I don’t quite know how, but I liked her immediately. 

Imogen Mann


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