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The Ageless Mind is an evolving limited series of puzzle books designed to give ye olde brain a decent workout.

Created as a companion suite to The Ageless Woman and The Ageless Fitness Journal.


Why?” I hear you cry. 

First and foremost because I’ve always enjoyed a good puzzle. But also because they’re excellent workouts for the brain. 



You’re Only As Old As You Feel


We’ve all heard the saying, and there is truth in it. We can exert some control over both our biological and mental age. Which is wonderful news as we tread the path of unstoppable, chronological ageing. 

So how is it possible to feel younger, indeed ageless, as your body stiffens up, your upright stance bows, your hips and knees creak, your memory falters and your brain slows? 

The answer is in making a choice. 

In choosing to take the steps that will slow down the rate at which these things happen. And that key choice is to be fitter – both physically and psychologically. 

Brain fitness is just as important to health and wellness as physical fitness. Research has found evidence that people who engage in games such as Sudoku and crosswords experience better brain function. 

So, just as regular exercise keeps our muscles strong, our brains benefit from workouts too. 

Workouts for the mind. 

And one of the most enjoyable ways to give your brain that workout is through solving puzzles. More than just an enjoyable pastime – these puzzles might also be a powerful tool for improving cognitive function…

…and the key to an Ageless Mind. 


The Ageless Mind puzzle books are published by Mannkind Publishing. 


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