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The Ageless Fitness Journal


The Ageless Fitness Journal is the perfect companion to The Ageless Woman. But it’s also a great standalone exercise and fitness journal too. 

I designed The Ageless Fitness Journal to aid progress tracking: to help turn health goals into achievable milestones by empowering the easy measurement and management of progress, making it easier than ever to stay on top of health and wellness goals.

Whether striving to boost energy levels, maintain a healthy weight, or simply feel great, this journal focuses on the idea that “what gets measured, gets managed.” It provides easy to follow guidance on nutrition and exercise tracking specifically tailored to the needs of women. 

A straightforward and convenient companion for daily routines. 

Take charge of health and be empowered to lead a more active and vibrant life with The Ageless Fitness Journal by your side. 


The Ageless Fitness Journal was published in January 2024 by Mannkind Publishing.


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