I hope you’re well, and staying safe in these challenging times.

I know it’s quite a while since I last posted. But, I’ve always said that I would only write when I had something useful or interesting to say. Today I just want to say hello and wish you well.

It is hard to fathom the magnitude of the changes that COVID-19 has thrust upon all our lives, but it has also been very heartening to see the good, greater consideration and gratitude that the pandemic has brought out in most of us.

Here in the UK, as in other countries across the world, we are thankful for our NHS and all other healthcare workers. Since the beginning of March at 8pm every Thursday evening we applaud them – the sound of people clapping, drumming, blowing horns, ringing bells rises from every city, town, village and hamlet. It is moving and humbling.

Like you, I’ve had to adjust my vision and expectations for 2020. I had grand plans! I limped through January and much of February, desperately reaching for a long overdue and much needed break. And yes, I was lucky. I had a lovely fortnight in Switzerland in the company of some of my oldest friends and celebrated my birthday with them. But within a week of returning home we were social distancing, and shortly thereafter lockdown began.

Initially, I had viewed lockdown as the perfect opportunity to write, write and write. But to be honest, that hasn’t gone entirely to plan! Despite the best of intentions, so far all I’ve done is some plotting, published two journals (links below if interested) and caught up with the studying I had naively planned to do on holiday.

The aspects of daily life with immediate consequences have understandably taken precedence – things like admin, shopping for elderly neighbours, helping parents at home and doing all the work on the farm myself. And it is right that this is so.

Anyway, it is what it is. We shall all continue to do our best and be kinder and stronger for it.

For me, for now, I am excited to be plotting the next draft of my debut novel. It’s deeper, and if I can write it well, will be richer. I’ve also changed the name to Shadow Farmer, which I think is more representative of the forces at work in the story. While the subject still centres on an element of food security, I have so far decided not to shift the timeframe to encompass the pandemic restrictions we’re experiencing. I will acknowledge it, but nothing more. That might change. It might not. We shall see.

Anyway, time waits for no one! So much to do…

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