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Breeding Texel And Lleyn Rams For Commercial Sheep Farmers

New Breeding Season Approaching…Fast!

I can’t believe where all this time has gone!

Not so long ago we were in the thick of lambing and then halter training and shampooing one of our rams for the Devon County Show – an encouraging fourth place by the way!

But now August is actually here and in less than three weeks time the teaser rams will be going in with the ewes as the first stage of the ‘hormonal onslaught’ designed to have them in peak condition for their AI procedure on the 19 September.

So much to do! The rams and teasers had their major service last week; all the ewes are up to date on their Footvax jab; culls selected and a bunch of 18 ewes ‘under review’. We will see how these go, but one thing is certain – we will not AI them…if they continue to improve as we wish they will go for natural service.

As for the lambs, well, they have now turned into annoying teenagers! Which made splitting them up and footbathing them last week a little more exciting than hoped for. They are also now clear of the coccydiosis that had checked their growth rates, so that is good too.

New For 2014

For many years we have wanted to add value to our cull ewes by selling them direct as boxed whole mutton rather than just putting them through the market. Now we have the team, skills and enthusiasm to do this so are working hard to get them into tip top condition for sale in September / October. They are currently grazing unimproved (and slightly wild) pasture so hopefully this will enhance the flavour of the meat. Should be good.

First orders already taken so hopefully all will be pre-sold before they go for slaughter and butchery at one of our local butchers.



Author: Imogen Mann

Imogen Mann is a multi-skilled and multi-tasking individual: she is the proprietor of Freshtracs fitness & wellbeing - a personal training business based in Somerset which provides bespoke training solutions for individuals and sports people; a pedigree livestock farmer and specialist agricultural solicitor. Visit and

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